Bundle of all three Nick Grant titles

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Nick Grant Adventures Series Short Synopsizes

FLYING BOATS & SPIES - Book I of the Nick Grant Adventures series:  

In 1935, teen pilot Nick Grant joins the crew of the S.S. North Haven to build island stepping stones across the Pacific. Pan American Airway’s great flying boats need bases to reach China. However, Nick carries a secret package that a Japanese ninja will kill to posses. Nick battles raging seas, tropical storms and Japanese spies as he journeys to manhood across the world‘s largest ocean.

CHINA CLIPPER - Book II of the Nick Grant Adventures series:

In September, 1935—senior year was tough for Nick. Back in high school but changed forever - he no longer fit in. Nick aprt-time job Pan Am by working part time at the Alameda Clipper base. Then a series of strange “accidents” cast suspicion on him.  Was Japanese Master Spy Miyazaki back? Nick had stopped Miyazaki’s earlier attempts to destroy the clippers. But if Miyazaki was back, Nick would need help – but from whom? The FBI didn’t believe him, and most of his co-workers thought he was imagining things. Then two new kids, Roger and Nancy Tanaka, entered his life and things only got worse.

MISSION: Shanghai - Book III of the Nick Grant Adventures series:  July 2012

Nick’s old nemeses, Lieutenant Commander Toshio Miyazaki of Japanese Naval Intelligence steals the TOP SECRET US Naval Codes while in San Francisco. Nick and crew give chase flying a new Sikorsky S-43 amphibian with a mad plan. Race Miyazaki to China and confront him using Nick as bait. Then the China Marines will spring a trap to recover the stolen codes. All Nick has to do is survive the encounter with the merciless Black Dragon ninja. Nick has sworn revenge against Miyazaki for murdering his friends Mac and Roger Tanaka and he’s willing to risk all to settle the score.



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