FLYING BOATS & SPIES, A Nick Grant Adventure - Book I

  • Item #: ISBN-13: 978-0979085727

FLYING BOATS AND SPIES, A Nick Grant Adventure - Book I

1935! The winds of war have begun to fan the flames of conflict across the Pacific.  As sixteen-year-old Nick Grant tries to support his mother and sister during the Great Depression, he‘s swept into a deadly contest between spies struggling to control the Pacific Ocean.

Nick's life changes abruptly the moment world famous aviators, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, land at Alameda airport. After Nick refuels their plane, Anne takes him aside and offers him a month’s wages to deliver a mysterious map case to Bill Grooch, aboard the tramp steamer S.S. North Haven.

Desperate for money, Nick agrees. Suddenly the map case and Grooch catapult him into a quiet, but deadly, cat and mouse game  Nick becomes a vital player as US counter-intelligence agents square off against Japan intelligence agents fighting the initial skirmishes of the Second World War.

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