MISSION: Shanghai, A Nick Grant Adventure - Book III

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Book III of the Nick Grant Adventures series: January, 1936, Yokohama, Japan: Lieutenant Commander Toshio Miyazaki of the Imperial Japanese Naval Intelligence (IJNI) Directorate and member of the secret Black Dragon Society receives a new mission – steal the US Naval radio codes that keep American communications secure. He’s pleased as the mission provides another opportunity to find and kill Nick Grant.

In Alameda, Nick prepares to move his family to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, out of the reach of Miyazaki and the IJNI. Arriving in Rio, Nick is reunited with his old boss, Bill Grooch. Pan American Airways sent Grooch to help Mr. Grants get settled into his new job as station manager. But Grooch is really there to enlist Nick in a new mission for US Naval Intelligence under the guise of a Pan Am ferry flight.

The duo fly to Baltimore pick up a new Sikorsky S-43 amphibian, and fly it to Alameda. Miyazaki has travelled to San Francisco, when he steals the US Naval codes. He escapes on a passenger ship headed for Japanese occupied China . Nick and Grooch give chase with a mad plan - use the S-43 to beat Miyazaki to China and goad him into a confrontation. If Miyazaki bites, Nick and Grooch will recover the stolen codes. It’s risky but Nick has sworn to make Miyazaki pay for murdering his friend, Roger Tanaka.

Join Nick on his most dangerous mission where he risks all to settle an old score

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